Enamel Paint-Earth Friendly Low voc.

Newton's Paints Ltd.


This is the perfect product to paint your surfaces where you need extra protection and durability. Use it for trim including skirtings, architraves, doors and furniture.

Newton's Waterbased Enamel is designed for use in bathrooms, kitchens, laundries, and on furniture, in both interior and exterior environments and may be used wherever solvent based enamels have been used in the past.

We suggest all surfaces are primed with our Newton's Waterbased Primer prior to painting to give the paint extra adhesion and durability especially when painting over previously painted surfaces.


* Water BasedEnamel

* Low Odour

* Non-Yellowing Formulation

* Quick Drying



Approx 12m2/L



Ideal for brush, roller and/or spray application.

Roller sleeve must be a short nap (ideally 4mm) 

Not to be applied when the ambient temperature is going to fall below 10C during the dry time as this will cause cracking.

Colour ZEN WHITE.  Semi gloss finish.

Made in NZ.

Low VOC. Earth friendly.



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