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Woolly Glove for decorative paint effects.

Woolly Glove for decorative paint effects.

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Woolly top with waterproof vinyl cuff.

14cm Cuff 21cm x 16cm Woolly glove.

These gloves are perfect for creating special effects with paint.

Can be used with any sort of paint. Simply slide your hand into the glove and dab or swirl to get the design you want.


Use suggestion for giving a bit of wow factor to a wall.

Using one of our mini paint rollers, paint 1 or 2 coats of wall paint such as our Colours for Home® self priming paint in Zen White. Then apply an earthy beige such as our Greige randomly over the surface, with the Woolly in a dabbing and pouncing motion.,

While this paint coat is still wet, you can add another colour such as a Grey and blend it in while it is still wet. If using this technique it is best to do it in smaller patches to enable blending before the paint dries.

Just keep at it until it looks good to your eye!

Fully washable.

Made in Italy.

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